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Let’s Put the Voters in the Power Seat

According to establishment Republican dogma there is a mythical creature to be feared. They call this creature the job creator. According to Republican dogma the job creator is some sort of benevolent millionaire who gosh darn it just wants to create jobs. In an effort to appease this creature the Republican leadership has ceded your authority to him. They want us to be afraid of the job creator because without the him there will be no more jobs.

They want you to think that a job is something given, not earned. It’s not your hard work and dedication that gets you the job, no it’s the creator and don’t you dare offend him.

They want you to be so afraid of this creature that you will do everything to cede any and all of your authority to this creature. You allow this creature tax loopholes so that he does not have to pay his fair taxes even though he takes advantage of the same roads and schools and buildings and safety and security and that you pay dearly for. They want you to allow this creature to depress your wages so that you can’t even afford an apartment in your hometown lest the job creator get angry. They have created a system where the good must compete with the bad, and the bad with the worst. In this situation the worst will win out… always.

But here’s the truth: you are the job creator. You are the one with the skill the education the dedication to service. You are the one creating and maximizing the profits for the job creator you are the one who deserves a fair and livable wage. For too long we have ceded our political authority to this creature and income inequality has grown more and more even as our economy has grown only the job creator and the republican leadership have left us behind.

We must end this by electing leaders who will stand up to these creatures and use our full negotiating authority to resolve once and for all the corrupting influence money has on our politics and our lives. We must fight for a livable wage for all, because when your neighbors wages are depressed yours are next when the corporations are not held to a higher standard.