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Let’s Put the Voters in the Power Seat

According to establishment Republican dogma there is a mythical creature to be feared. They call this creature the job creator. According to Republican dogma the job creator is some sort of benevolent millionaire who gosh darn it just wants to create jobs. In an effort to appease this creature the Republican leadership has ceded your…

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Return To Government For The People

It is the responsibility of our state legislature to draw fair districts, yet they continually attempt the thwart the will of the people. Only active and informed citizenry and a legislature committed to fairness and rule of law can end this so that all voters’ — right, left, centrists — are heard each election cycle.…

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End Partisanship With Principled Compromise

We once had a proud tradition of finding compromise even against impossible odds. Henry Clay was known as the Great Compromiser, a name he wore with pride and distinction. However, what many do not know was that he almost didn’t get that name. Originally, newspapers wanted to give that alias to John C. Calhoun. A…

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