City Council District 4 -- Southside
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Timothy Yost For City Council District 4

Navy Veteran and Teacher

 You deserve city leaders who understand who can bring us into a brighter, more sustainable future.


City Council should be on our side -- no matter our zip code or economic circumstances. Let's level the playing field so we all have the same opportunities for success.  


Your City Council member should be loyal to the people of Jacksonville. We should support small, locally owned businesses so we can reclaim our unique identity. The more local the business the more money stays in our community. 


You deserve a City Council that does the public's business in full, unfettered public view. Let's ensure that appointed officials are well-qualified for the positions that we have entrusted them with. 

Hello, I'm Timothy Yost.

I have always been interested in politics but only as an observer. My first political act was to write a letter to President Ronald Reagan to tell him about our shared interest in swimming. I was in the second grade at the time.

Let's put the public in public service

Good people can disagree, but for too long we have had a city council that has aided and abetted the type of cronyism which has made our government ineffective when it comes to protecting our children and environment. Let's put an end to the "good ol' boys" network once and for all in 2019!